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When we think of men’s fashion, we would normally just think about their wedding bands or their wrist watches; but there are so many more to jewelry for men, which we really don’t think about. And, with the men’s jewelry, we should know that there are many rules that we must think about. Here are some of the most important rules of jewelry for men. Continue reading »

May 102015

Surprisingly, a lot of beach weddings involve a trip to the golf course, which can mean embarrassment for those who’ve not played before. Today’s article from the folks at http://birdieable.com will give you some tips for avoiding complete embarrassment, and maybe even having fun!

You cannot expect to play like a pro on your first try, and you’ll probably make a lot of lousy shots, but this is all part of the learning experience.

Even if you are naturally good at it, you may have to enhance your swings a bit. There’s always room for growth and further skill development no matter how good your game is, but you have to make it a priority to start learning everything you can to get better.

If you’re looking for guidance, check out these important and helpful tips for improving your golf game and you’ll be making all the right moves in no time.

Tips and Tricks

Before you head out to the course for a round, read over these tips to prepare yourself.

  1. Keep your Elbow Close to Your Hip

You don’t have to make sure that your elbow isn’t going to move at all, but you do need to keep your swinging arm straight (whether it is your left or your right). This will ensure that your swing follows through perfectly and your hands don’t hinder the full motion.

  1. Choose the Right Club

At this point, you may already know that there are various clubs that you can choose from. As a beginner, you may not understand why there is a need for different clubs.

For others, it is a preference, but most of the time, there are specific clubs that you can use depending on the situations that you encounter when you’re playing golf. You may choose shorter clubs for those shots when you’d like to let your ball fly short distances, and get longer clubs for knocking balls down the fairway.

You use different clubs for hitting balls different distances as well, so it’s important to consult a chart that has the average yard measurements for each type of club. Sometimes, your shot all depends on choosing a comfortable club.

  1. Control Your Golf Swing

You might think that the quality of your shot is going to depend on the club that you’re using or the ball that you’re hitting, but do remember that, while these things absolutely matter, your golf swing plays a huge role in the accuracy and distance of your shot.

If you exaggerate your swing, there is a possibility that your ball will soar somewhere you didn’t intend. If you don’t exert much effort, you’ll end up hitting the ball too many times and ruin your score. Once you learn how to control your golf swing, everything will be easier.

  1. Make Sure You Have a Solid Grip

One thing you have to remember is that, when it comes to playing golf, you can be sure that people who play better usually know how to grip their golf clubs properly. Wondering how to do this? Remember these things:

  • Place your left hand if you are right-handed or your right hand if you are left-handed on the club. Hold it with your non-dominant hand at the very top.
  • Place your dominant hand on the handle of the club below your non-dominant hand. Make sure that your grip is firm but just right. You shouldn’t see your knuckles turning white because of a very strong grip. It must not be so loose that it seems like you’re going to lose your club when you swing, either.
  • Make sure that the thumbs and the index fingers of both of your hands form Vs. When this happens, you know that your grip is solid.
  1. Go with the Flow of the Wind

If you are new to playing golf, you might be tempted to play against the wind when you’re swinging or when you’re trying to get your ball to go a certain direction. You have to remember that your ball is not that heavy, and the wind can blow it against the direction you need it to go.

Position yourself in such a way that you’re facing the flow of the wind (not into it) and just adjust your swing and how strong it’s going to be. You don’t have to swing as hard as you normally do if you’re hitting with the wind because the air will carry the ball farther.

  1. Know the Importance of Chipping

It seems that chipping is not always given the attention that it deserves because a lot of people deem it unglamorous and only meant for those difficult situations when you made a bad shot. Some are just inconsistent with chipping because they haven’t practiced that much.

It might not look that good or feel wonderful when you’re doing it, but you have to remember that it can improve your game a lot. With consistent chips, your scorecard will look great and will thank you for it. Practice your chipping once you hit the green.

  1. Keep Fit

Remember that, with any type of physical activity that you have to do, you have to make sure to stay fit. Follow a healthy diet that keeps you in tiptop form, and eat nutritious foods that increase your stamina. If you you’re having a hard time trying to keep fit, you can first start modifying the food you eat before doing some exercises to make yourself stronger. If you can, consider walking around the golf course every so often instead of riding in the cart all the time.

  1. Practice

You may not realize this now, but when you practice, you fare so much better over time as your brain and body start to remember the skills you’re building. Do not expect to become good at golf overnight. If you consistently practice, you’ll start to see incremental improvements. From your swings to your posture, every effort that you make in practicing will show in your next game.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the important things that will help you improve your skills when playing golf. Make sure that you integrate these tips over time, and you’ll see the difference when you join your buddies for a game.

Mar 212015

Leave in conditioner used to be just cream-based before but now, there are a variety of no-rinse hair products to suit your preference. There is a mist type of leave on treatment. You may also like water or gel based conditioners without the greasy feel. There are foam treatments too. And of course, there is the crème treatment. It is up to you to choose what it is you like to use. With hair that is regularly styled and ironed, it will be a great idea to use these conditioners.


These leave in conditioner brands which are proudly Australian made and has that extra factor to condition your hair in less than a minute:


Miracle Hair Treatment by Eleven


This leave on conditioner for the hair is unique in a sense that it can deliver 11 promises for the user. It will make your hair soft and unruly hair will not be bothering you again. It provides hydration and it keeps the hair strong. It can repair hair splits and leaves no tangles when brushing.


It protects the hair from equipment heat like blow dry while preserving the hair’s original volume. This leave in conditioner also restores damaged hair while coating protection for coloured hair to block UVA and UVB sun rays. In the subject of hair protection, sun damage is contained and chlorine will not destroy your healthy hair. Wow, that is a lot of benefits in one small bottle!


Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner by Aussie


What the users love about this conditioner is that some use it as a leave on while others do a quick rinse and still love the results on their hair. It is a leave in conditioner but it can also be used as a regular rinse treatment if you prefer. Another plus factor of this treatment is that it is one of the most affordable conditioners out in the market.


Users with curly hair and straight hair love this particular conditioner by Aussie. It contains denatured alcohol which does not add to hair dryness. Hair breakage is contained. It has no waxy feel like other treatments and it smells fruity – the positive comment of all users.


Care Line Hair Repair by Keune


This is a classic crème leave in conditioner which has Pro Vitamin B5 which provides all day moisture. You can use it after shower on towel dried hair or anytime you feel like it as long as it is dry. It prevents static hair and keeps it elastic, smooth and strong.


Shimmer Shine Mist by Kevin Murphy


It is a Kevin Murphy product which means the conditioner is paraben-free and has Baobab oil. It gives that healthy shine and total hair repair is to be expected. It is a mist conditioner too – all you need to do is spritz it on and style. You can bring it with you anywhere since this leave in conditioner is in a spray bottle packaging.


Mineral Defence Leave-in Treatment by Nak


This treatment is not only for the hair. This was a formula which can really help the scalp. Sometimes people forget that the scalp needs pampering too. The mineral defence treatment can and will do the scalp work while keeping the hair protected. It scrubs off sebum from the scalp and any other residue like dandruff and dirt. The treatment replenishes the hair and it will moisturize the hair from the scalp down to the ends.


These are just 5 of the best leave in conditioner products that Australian women must use. Each of these can provide a solution for your hair issues. But whatever you choose from these conditioners, you are on your way to great looking and healthy hair.










Feb 062015

If we call the name of jewellery items then the name that emerges in our mind is girl but it is not just for girls or women but also for man too. As woman buy and wear a variety of jewelry likewise this option is for men too.

Some people want to become fashionable and think to change their style from others so they wear different stuff, or have different grooming habits. Have you noticed how many people are starting to use safety razors again? This is because men are caring more and more about their appearance. A question arises though about jewelry and what jewelry should a man wear? So the answer is different for different mind.

Simple rings;

Mens jewellery usually starts with the rings that are simple in design but heavy in weight. Boys mostly like to wear any of the stone rings that suits with their star. The material of ring may be in silver or in gold. Men usually prefer to wear silver or any other stuff rather than gold. People give rings to the broom on wedding and it looks very good in their hands.

Chain in neck;

Smart boys try to have a chain in their neck that is having quality material. In this time people are much conscious about brand and there are a lot of companies that are presenting mens jewellery and stuff so if you want to get information about the brand you can easily search it on the internet. The rates and material is defined with the brand name and detail. It is also a way that internet brings for you to buy online by giving order and can get it easily by sitting at home.


Bracelet is a chain like thing that men wear in the wrist that is of so many designs and stuff. It can be in leather stuff that is decorated with stones. It is in different sizes and up to you which you want to wear. Again you can easily make a choice from the web and order online to companies that are having home delivery service.

It is not the necessity of man to wear any type of jewellery but is the demand of every other person who wants to be fashionable and stylish. You can also say that the attractive and stylish wrist watch can also be used as jewelry and people are very curious about the quality of watch. It is not obvious to have a huge amount of jewelry like girls have but limited items in good quality and style.

When they buy new shirt they want to have new pair of tussles. Working men are possessive for their dressing so they are having variety of tussles for every new dress.

It is also a way to match your dressing with your jewelry like the color of your tie can be related to the color of your watch or bracelet. The stone color can also be according to your dress color. Anything you wear should be qualitative and according to the style but never wear the jewellery that don’t suits you as your personality occurs by your dressing and wearing items.

Sep 152014

There are many decisions and choices to be made when planning a wedding.  This event is a very exciting and emotional time for both the bride and the groom.  There are so many things to do and so many decisions that will make this day the most special for the couple.  Everyone wants their special day to be perfect and everything to go smoothly.  There are many things that need to be decided upon, such as it going to be an indoor or outdoor ceremony?  Another major decision, is it going to be traditional or if it is going to have a theme to it, something that relates to the couples lifestyle.

What To Wear

One of the biggest choices to make is what type of dress and accessories are the bride going to wear.  If the wedding is going to be traditional or elegant or have a personal theme, this will have a huge impact on the type of dress that is selected for the bride and bridesmaids.  Wedding dresses today come in many different styles and designs and even a huge variety of colors.  Some brides are now even wearing special designed pant suits for their special events.  How do you choose the right dress and accessories for your special day?

How To Choose

  An outdoor ceremony is normally classy but not too elegant, the brides dress is

  normally simple but classy

  An elegant and formal event, the more elegant the dress and accessories are, the more

   beautiful the bride

  The brides dress should match the theme if the couple have chosen a theme for their

   Ceremony.  This could vary greatly depending upon the theme.

Choosing The Accessories

Once the dress has been selected for your wedding, now it is time to select the accessories to match the event.  If you are having a more casual event and dress, you do not want to have your selected jewelry too fancy.  Selecting the accessories, to wear in your hair and other jewelry, such as a necklace or a special bracelet helps to set off your beautiful dress.  Some people take this time to take advantage of something borrowed or something old, such as that special string of pearls that their mother or grandmother has had for many years.  Strings of Pearls can set off a variety of different style dresses and even elegant gowns.

If your dress is elegant, you would normally want your jewelry to also be elegantly designed.  If the dress is more of a simple design, even a gold or silver chained classy looking pendant would add style to your attire.  When selecting your accessories, do not forget the groom.  There are many accessories such as tie pins or clips or cuff links that could match the bride’s jewelry to tie the entire fashion of the couple together.  So as you are shopping and making your plans, do not forget to check out the men’s jewelry to finish up his ceremony attire.

Apr 162014

Fashion niches not only come in the form of dresses or skirts, they also come in the form of jewels.  Jewellery fashion can also be a great item to consider purchasing, however, religious items always have a special meaning, more so that is of course.  Religious symbols are always special and to everyone, they have their own special meanings.  However, there are many different religious silver jewelry designs, what do they all mean?

religious jewelry

Crosses and Crucifixes

Usually, these are the most common types of religious symbols that you will see throughout the world today.  These are associated with Christianity; however, these are some of the biggest fashion niches New York of today.  These are some of the biggest items that everyone can recognize and can associate with in one way or another.

Crosses and crucifixes are however some of the most common jewellery for men pieces of today as well as women jewellery pieces.  There are millions of people throughout the world today that wear a cross.  Some wear it in the form of a necklace and some earrings though it’s more common to be seen on a necklace.  However, that can allow someone to feel closer to their spiritual leader and have a bigger perception of their beliefs also.

 Wedding Jewelry Can Be In the Form of Religious Designs

If you are thinking about getting some jewelry with some religious designs, you may consider choosing the Star of David, the six pointed Star is a very important part of any Jewish man.  This also goes with the Ankh and Celtic crosses; these are very sacred pieces but they also are important for those who want to keep their religious beliefs close to them.

 Why People Use Religious Silver Jewelry Designs

More and more people do in fact carry beautiful and important jewellery fashion niches are important and the sheer elegance of these can offer so much to someone who wants to feel closer to their religious leaders.  Some of these pieces can be considered to be talismans which also are important.  Some of these items can be considered to help ward off evil spirits.

Many religious symbols are considered to be lucky charms as well.  For many they believe if they wear these religious symbols it can help them get through their everyday lives and guide them through their lives as well.  It isn’t just fashion niches it’s a sign of someone’s beliefs and it can be important to everyone in one way or another.

Simple Designs That Make You Feel Calm and Closer To the Lord

The designs of the jewelry may be simple but they are special and they are going to be used more and more throughout the world.  Whether you want to feel closer to the Lord or just be there as a fashion statement or just as a comfortable blanket, jewelry is important.  You can get so many amazing designs that look good but also allow you to feel closer to your spiritual leader.   men’s jewellery can be beautiful and important.

Nov 122013

Jewelry for men is certainly not as talked about in the fashion industry as women’s jewelry fashion trends. However, men’s jewelry is becoming more and more acceptable in all circles. Who has seen Morgan Freeman’s earring? Take a look at Mick Jagger’s arms adorned with bracelets. Brad Pitt has even been known to sport a necklace or two.

Typically, men’s jewelry has been limited to a wedding ring, a “championship” or fraternity ring, cuff links, and a watch. Men’s jewelry is expanding more and more to include bracelets, necklaces and earring, not earrings. There is even report of men now wearing “pledge” rings like women wear engagement rings.

Jewelry fashion trends for men, in 2014, are a continuation of 2013 with a few new twists.

5 of the trendiest things in men’s jewelry are:

  1. The cuff bracelet is really standing out this year. They are bigger and wider and have a little added accessory on them. Gucci is showing a wide leather cuff bracelet with “horsebit” detail (Gucci.com). Other bracelet trends include metal link bracelets, nautical look bracelets, beaded bracelets and leather bracelets. (Fashionbeans.com) You can mix and match these bracelets, carefully, but it can be done. Mixing the leather with the metal and the beaded with the nautical look will work when you are not trying to fit too many on your arm.
  2. Military influenced jewelry will be part of the 2014 men’s jewelry look. Men’s dog tag necklaces will be popular. You will even find dog tag necklaces with a stone imbedded in them.
  3. Tungsten and titanium rings are another big trend for 2014. They were beginning to be popular in 2013 but are going to really take off in 2014. These are the ring of choice for a “pledge” ring.
  4. Gothy, spiky, punky jewelry is going to be a big jewelry trend that will also be in line with a fashion trend for women in 2014. Dark, leathery, spiky cuffs and spiky skull rings are going to pull together any punk look you want to wear. Check out this look at Mike Kagee’s fashion blog – Stylediary1. It’s a little bit scary looking but for the right person, wearing the right thing, this could be the key accessory.
  5. GQ reports that watches will range from “carbon composites to exquisite automatons.” The classic simple watch will still be in style but there will be lots to choose from when you look at all the fun, funky and art-deco watches available in 2014. There are so many watches and watch styles to choose from, that anyone should be able to find a watch that fits easily with their style and their personality.

While most men’s jewelry is still confined to a watch and a ring for work, there are some new trends, especially in bracelets, that might make even the most conservative of men think about stepping out and adding a touch of men’s jewelry to his wardrobe.

Nov 122013
7 Winter Fashion Trends for 2014

Winter 2014 has a myriad of different fashion trends where everyone can find something trendy and fashionable to sport.

    1. According to Glamour Magazine one of the hottest trends is checks, plaid or as some people call it, Tartan. Wearing a dress with checks, a shirt with checks, a Tartan coat, a plaid skirt or even a coat lined in Tartan, checks and plaids are what the beautiful people are wearing! Big checks, small checks, and everything in between. There are whole suits made with the Tartan look or just a shirt paired with a solid colored skirt. Just go find your old plaid skirt and you will be ready for this year’s look.
    2. Vogue and Glamour both are in agreement that pink is one of the hottest colors for 2014. Any color pink is in. Hot pink, light pink, reddish pink, mauve, and pinky pink. Pink dresses, pink coats, and pink suits will all be a great choice for this winter. This year’s look pairs pink with just about any color to make it look fantastic.
    3. Oversized coats are another fashion trend that will make you look good and will keep you cozy and warm at the same time. Coats can be any length but the oversized coats will have wide cut shoulders. Think volume when it comes to buying a 2014 winter coat.
    4. Grunge/punk is back. The grunge and punk look may not be for everyone but you’d be surprised by the number of people that can put a touch of punk or grunge in their wardrobe and not look silly. Tattered jeans, a touch of leather, studs, lace and mesh, can all be mixed and matched to create a look that has that 80’s punk rock feel. The grunge look also includes some great accessories in the form of bags, belts and scarves. Swide states is best when they say that this look is controversial but think Courtney Love with a more feminine feel and you will be punk perfect.

7 Winter Fashion Trends for 2014

    1. Vogue spotlights the menswear look you will be seeing a lot of in winter 2014. If you want to be in style this winter, wear a suit that looks like you have put on your Dad or boyfriend’s jacket and pants. Think along the lines of Annie Hall with an updated air and you will be ready to pull this look off without a hitch.
    2. Not to be outdone, the men too will be sporting checks and plaids in pants, sweaters and coats. Men will be mainly wearing oversize checks. As Nick Carvell, from GQ magazine says, “be aware of the square.”
    3. Lastly, the in-vogue colors for men, according to GQ magazine, are gray, think 50 Shades of Gray, and claret. Both of these colors will be more popular as a whole suit, a jacket or pants.

Winter of 2014 has something for everybody and every body type. You don’t have to take on a whole trendy look. Just add pieces and parts of some of these trends and you be a part of the latest and greatest looks in fashion.

Nov 122013

Christian louboutin British isles usually are symbolic

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Christian louboutin footwear is very good types of anyone. When you place them with, it’s possible you’ll believe more confident and stylish. You’ll have an awesome elegance. Christian louboutin boot have a very good superb power. It will save you out of popular and let you end up being captivating together with popular. Automatically, perhaps you may give tremendously thanks to Christian louboutin outlet sneakers. Caused by Christian louboutin sneaker, increasingly more and many more pursuer at the rear of a person. Simply because of Christian louboutin athletic shoes, then you definitely grown to be ever more confirmed routine. Not merely relating to the area of really love, but the professional. Your personal colleagues end up appreciate an individual, you might have a lot more remedies. You have with your Christian louboutin running shoes.

Christian louboutin hunter wellingtons

You can observe loads of photos from several Christian louboutin hunter wellingtons .You may notice all of the Christian louboutin shoes or boots demonstrated from your variations, you may well be admire them all along with assume that they’re as a result best for my family. Will you have an inpulsion to secure a group of boots this way ideal afterward? Tend not to restraint without help, seeing that Christian shoes are your favorite choice you ever do. At present Christian louboutin tennis shoes are generally was able to save in order to purchase, please make sure to can come and buying all of them!

Nov 122013

Christian Louboutin Canada footwear is desirable

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Recommendations on how beautiful the particular Christian louboutin shoes are! Everyone understands which in turn buying overhead from the most important 1000s; all those web designer variations might want to use at least $4,550 to obtain custom-designed footwear. Christian louboutin shoes are not easy to comprehend is often hip also known as what are the men right now, in the very grocery store unveiled with Christian Louboutin were hoping to find Paris. She will not enjoy Television shows an additional source Machine it is actually a paper is simply energized. It might has never been work in mode. He said this guy won’t calls for the man’s incentive on the contemporary method or simply something furthermore Great Legend fashion proves i am the inspiration. I cannot theme a new set of footwear just like the color of the fabric; it is only when My organization is having a dressmaker, which he insisted within the performance.

Louboutin Canada high heels happily car door

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