Aug 042015

For most people older skin means reduced sebum production, this means the skin is no longer well lubricated and it is becoming thinner so that moisture escapes more easily. Sometimes there is a surge of oiliness during the menopause caused by hormonal changes. Ultimately the skin can start to become dryer and more sensitive.

It’s well known that stress, smoking, pollution, alcohol, too much sun and not enough exercise all help to accelerate premature wrinkling and ageing (see below). So it’s vital to make sure that the skin receives the right kind of moisturising and nourishment. This range has all of the benefits from essential oils known to moisturise, protect and hydrate the skin during these important changes.

Skin care tips

Our bodies create ‘Free Radicals’ naturally, particularly when we are stressed or exposed to sunlight. This in turn leads to cell breakdown resulting in the skin drying out and ageing. These products have been created using Grapeseed oil which is one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants which help in the fight against ‘free radical’ skin damage.

Don’t forget our clever twist action tops which keep products fresh and dispense the exact amount you need.

Top Tip:

In the morning place a very small amount of our Argan Olie on your palm and massage into the face.  Follow with the moisturiser to give a super boost to the skin.  This will effectively push the facial massage oil into the lower dermis of the skin.

Take a look at our natural products for Dry Skin:

Lavender & Aloe Vera Face Wash
This soothing and relaxing blend of Lavender Essential Oil and Aloe Vera Extract creates the perfect face gel for skin which is dehydrated and lifeless. Especially good for skin which needs calming.

Aloe Vera & Coconut Toner
Complete the cleansing process with this alcohol free synergistic blend of Aloe Vera & Coconut to refresh & tone the skin. Aroma free.

Geranium & Lavender Moisturiser
Experience the sensation of this intensively packed non-greasy moisturiser with its skin adoring ingredients. Asparagus, Organic Lavender and Geranium Essential Oil designed to indulge the skin for optimum effect.

Lavender & Geranium Face Mask
Deeply sensitive to dryer complexions yet maximising the need to absorb and extract impurities from the skin. This fast acting mask which only needs to be left on for a few minutes.