Nov 122013
7 Winter Fashion Trends for 2014
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Winter 2014 has a myriad of different fashion trends where everyone can find something trendy and fashionable to sport.

    1. According to Glamour Magazine one of the hottest trends is checks, plaid or as some people call it, Tartan. Wearing a dress with checks, a shirt with checks, a Tartan coat, a plaid skirt or even a coat lined in Tartan, checks and plaids are what the beautiful people are wearing! Big checks, small checks, and everything in between. There are whole suits made with the Tartan look or just a shirt paired with a solid colored skirt. Just go find your old plaid skirt and you will be ready for this year’s look.
    2. Vogue and Glamour both are in agreement that pink is one of the hottest colors for 2014. Any color pink is in. Hot pink, light pink, reddish pink, mauve, and pinky pink. Pink dresses, pink coats, and pink suits will all be a great choice for this winter. This year’s look pairs pink with just about any color to make it look fantastic.
    3. Oversized coats are another fashion trend that will make you look good and will keep you cozy and warm at the same time. Coats can be any length but the oversized coats will have wide cut shoulders. Think volume when it comes to buying a 2014 winter coat.
    4. Grunge/punk is back. The grunge and punk look may not be for everyone but you’d be surprised by the number of people that can put a touch of punk or grunge in their wardrobe and not look silly. Tattered jeans, a touch of leather, studs, lace and mesh, can all be mixed and matched to create a look that has that 80’s punk rock feel. The grunge look also includes some great accessories in the form of bags, belts and scarves. Swide states is best when they say that this look is controversial but think Courtney Love with a more feminine feel and you will be punk perfect.

7 Winter Fashion Trends for 2014

    1. Vogue spotlights the menswear look you will be seeing a lot of in winter 2014. If you want to be in style this winter, wear a suit that looks like you have put on your Dad or boyfriend’s jacket and pants. Think along the lines of Annie Hall with an updated air and you will be ready to pull this look off without a hitch.
    2. Not to be outdone, the men too will be sporting checks and plaids in pants, sweaters and coats. Men will be mainly wearing oversize checks. As Nick Carvell, from GQ magazine says, “be aware of the square.”
    3. Lastly, the in-vogue colors for men, according to GQ magazine, are gray, think 50 Shades of Gray, and claret. Both of these colors will be more popular as a whole suit, a jacket or pants.

Winter of 2014 has something for everybody and every body type. You don’t have to take on a whole trendy look. Just add pieces and parts of some of these trends and you be a part of the latest and greatest looks in fashion.

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